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Whether you’re having trouble locating a Bitcoin ATM or want to know more about them, you’re at the right place. Also known as a Bitcoin Teller Machine (BTM), a Bitcoin ATM looks like a kiosk and allows you to buy digital currencies especially Bitcoin by using debit card or fiat currency. There’re two main types of ATM machines available on the market: BTC ATMs and Bitcoin Cash Kiosks. The majority of Bitcoin ATMs installed all over the world support only buying feature; however, there’re some models that support two-way operations (both buying and selling BTC) as well. If you’re planning to sell Bitcoin using a Bitcoin ATM, it’s important that you check with operator to see if it supports bi-directional functionality. How Can You Use a Bitcoin ATM? Bitcoin ATMs can be used to perform a number of activities: buying, selling and sending Bitcoin. Although the procedure of using a…

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