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MyDashWallet, a platform used for trading Dash cryptocurrency was attacked by hackers between May 13 and July 12. DASH’s team urges users to abandon MyDashWallet services and move their private keys to another wallet.

The U.S. Internal Revenue Service (IRS) could take further actions in order to tackle unreported crypto holdings individuals have. This is according to a slide deck presentation that was unveiled at an IRS cyber training session and revealed by CoinDesk. Companies such as Apple, Google or Microsoft could receive a subpoena from the IRS. IRS […]

The IRS may subpoena tech firms like Apple, Google and Microsoft in search of taxpayers’ unreported crypto holdings. 

Facebook is continuing to grow the team for its Libra cryptocurrency project with the hiring of a new economics researcher.

Popular cryptocurrency wallet Exodus makes Tron available for trading on its mobile version. Exodus mobile wallet offers an app for Android and IOS users to enable crypto buying and selling on the go.

The CoolBitx company is a hardware manufacturer for crypto-wallets. The partnership has been put in place to allow the various users to transfer their funds from the trading platform safely and efficiently to their wallet. The announcement was made on Wednesday, and according to it, the hardware wallet will be able to support the various […]

Digital wallet operator Edge announced that it has integrated two new options – LibertyX and MoonPay. Both additions will enable Edge wallet users to buy bitcoin and cryptocurrencies with fiat money. Edge Adds LibertyX for US Users and MoonPay for Non-US Users On Wednesday, Edge announced via a blog post signed by Brett Musser that the team integrated LibertyX and MoonPay to its digital wallet infrastructure. The move aims to support Bitcoin and cryptocurrency adoption by allowing more people to “onboard safely” into the crypto space in more ways. Welcome @libertyx and @MoonpayHQ to the Edge Wallet family! — Edge (@EdgeWallet) July 10, 2019 LibertyX is a product by Moon, Inc that connects crypto holders with US merchants and ATMs. The option enables Edge wallet users to buy bitcoin with fiat money and debit cards. LibertyX operates the largest network of Bitcoin ATMs, cashiers, and kiosks in the US.…

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The beta version of the Opera browser for Android’s version 53 now lets you send and receive Bitcoin and Tron. It further enables webpages to make transactions with BTC. Announced on July 10th on Opera’s official blog, its built-in Crypto Wallet now supports both Bitcoin and Tron blockchains, another step towards making Web 3 more […]

Along the ongoing crypto drive, leading businesses have begun fusing crypto-related services to harness an edge in the marketplace – a clear indication of mainstream adoption. While some have aims to disrupt and dominate cross-border payments, businesses like Opera and other Chromium-based web browsers are leading their niche markets in terms of enabling a crypto-friendly environment. […] The post Opera browser adds BTC and TRON support for crypto wallet appeared first on AMBCrypto.

Coin Bitcoin Wallet is a free online wallet that supports some of the biggest cryptocurrencies on the market and all possible ERC20 tokens while offering security and privacy to its users. Take a look at the numerous benefits Coin Wallet has to offer you. Be in charge of your private keys! Remember, not your keys, […] The post Coin Bitcoin Wallet – Security, privacy and user friendly interface all in one place appeared first on AMBCrypto.

Opera, a web browser for leading operating systems such as Microsoft Windows, iOS, Android and Linux, has added Bitcoin and Tron based tokens to its crypto wallet for Android version. Just last month, Opera had initiated TRX and TRC-standard adaptability on its crypto wallet. In an official release, the browser developer confirmed that users of Opera on Android can now transact using BTC and TRX tokens, enabling websites to verify user information, as and when required. What’s in store? With this update, Opera integrates features of what is popularly known today as web 3.0, a network that boasts of pro-privacy features coupled with data ownership with its rightful owners using peer-to-peer digitized storage functions. The upgrade is not only decentralized but also dramatically reduces susceptibility to hacks.  Owing to a previous successful run with Ether and ERC standard tokens, Bitcoin’s incorporation was evidently next in line. The company strongly believes…

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Opera has added support for Bitcoin and Tron blockchain-based tokens to the crypto wallet for Opera for Android (version 53 beta). Opera has added support for Bitcoin (BTC) and Tron (TRX) blockchain-based tokens to the crypto wallet for Opera for Android (version 53 beta). In an official blog post published July 10, the internet browser developer revealed that users of Opera for Android can now send and receive BTC, TRX and TRC-10 standard tokens and that webpages can also request and receive addresses for users to complete transactions with BTC. Opera characterizes this second functionality as “an experimental integration of Web 3” — a term that was initially coined to refer to the ambition to develop a semantic internet, and is increasingly used to refer to the evolution of a more intelligent, open and distributed web, involving the use of blockchain, decentralized computing and cryptocurrencies. While Opera’s built-in crypto wallet…

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Opera browser adds support for 2 cryptocurrencies on their crypto wallet app, Bitcoin and TRON. 

With crypto-adoption rates rising across the globe, major exchanges such as Binance have started integrating a number of features onto their platform to improve user experience. The principal aim of most of these industry heavyweights is to make cryptocurrency transactions straightforward, so that usage of digital assets is effortless. The release of the XWallet 2.0 […] The post Users should be comfortable with owning & using digital assets, says Pundi X CEO on release of XWallet 2.0 appeared first on AMBCrypto.

Tech giant LG Corporation may be at work on its first major project for the cryptocurrency space. A trademark application recently filed by the company suggests that it could be in the early stages of developing a crypto wallet.

South Korean technology behemoth LG applied for the “ThinQ Wallet” trademark with the United States Patent and Trademark Office. South Korean technology behemoth LG applied for the “ThinQ Wallet” trademark with the United States Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO) on July 2, data published on the official office’s website shows. According to the filing documents, the trademark is for services concerning transaction and settlement services, mobile banking, “issuance of cyber money,” and “payment application software for mobile phones” among others. ThinQ is a brand first used for a smart refrigerator introduced by the company in 2011 at a consumer electronics show. Since then, multiple smartphones have been launched under the ThinQ brand. The trademark could signify that LG is aiming to compete with Samsung. In May, Cointelegraph reported that the latter firm intends to roll-out cryptocurrency and blockchain features — including a wallet — into its budget smartphones. As Cointelegraph…

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Switzerland-based crypto exchange ShapeShift launched its non-custodial multi-chain digital assets platform. Switzerland-based crypto exchange ShapeShift has launched its new non-custodial crypto platform operating across multiple blockchains, the firm announced in a press release shared with Cointelegraph on July 8. The new ShapeShift platform offers an integrated suite for digital asset management, enabling an end-to-end tool for secure storing, buying, selling, trading, and tracking cryptos, the company stated. The platform supports 50 cryptocurrencies including bitcoin (BTC), ether (ETH) and litecoin (LTC), ShapeShift noted, adding that it is targeting common international traders instead of institutional investors. As such, ShapeShift platform’s users can now integrate with the platform using their hardware wallets such as Trezor or the ShapeShift-owned KeepKey, the firm said in the press release. ShapeShift claimed that more methods of private keys’ storage will be rolled out later on. In the press release, ShapeShift founder and CEO Erik Voorhees said that…

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Blockchain software development BlockStream announced that its mobile wallet, Green Wallet, now supports the firm’s Liquid Network sidechain. Blockchain software development BlockStream announced that its mobile wallet, Green Wallet, now supports the firm’s Liquid Network sidechain in a blog post published on July 5. Per the announcement, users of the wallet can now store, send and receive Liquid Bitcoin (L-BTC) and Issued Assets on the Liquid sidechain. The Liquid Network project, first discussed in 2015 and launched in October 2018, aims to allow for faster transactions with Bitcoin (BTC) between businesses and individuals with the use of its features. Bitcoin transactions on to the sidechain, where it moves as bitcoin liquid, are reportedly also more private: “L-BTC transactions on Liquid also benefit from the latest Confidential Transaction technology, which ensures that key details of transactions are hidden by default. Third parties inspecting […] will be able to see the addresses…

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Electrum Wallet, a popular wallet service, has recently announced to the world that it would start to support the Bitcoin Lightning Network. The founder of the company, Thomas Voegtlin, talked to the crypto media during a blockchain in Odessa, Ukraine, and affirmed that the launch of this new feature is very close now. According to […]

Facebook’s upcoming cryptocurrency Libra has some experts concerned about security issues. A possible bigger problem: out-of-control spending by consumers.