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 BTMs remain one popular and preferred medium for trading cryptocurrencies. Using Bitcoin ATMs, any individual can buy or sell cryptocurrencies in few simple steps. BTMs are now installed in major cities around the world, it and it supports several cryptocurrencies. Today there are over 3,500 BTM machines installed and operating around the world. The number of Bitcoin ATMs are increasing every day.  ATM count breaking previous records According to recent data, nearly 8 BTM machines are installed every day and many new locations are appearing. Many portals are tracking the number of Bitcoin ATMs coming up to buy or sell in different parts of the globe. According to recent data, there are around 4000 BTM kiosks across the globe, at the time of writing this article. Out of these Bitcoin ATMs, around 2300 are from the United States. Most of these BTMs support different cryptocurrencies, the most popular being Bitcoin,…

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