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Another day another dollar, as they say. So another week must be another seven dollars? Which seems like a bit of a bargain. Well you can get your round up of all the weeks Bitcoin news for even less than that, as we’re giving it away for free. Bitcoin Price Action Whilst some may be disappointed that BTC price is finishing the week pretty much where it started, another week of consolidation is certainly not a bad thing. A bearish weekly close last week saw some forecasting a temporary drop back to four figures, spurring a buying frenzy. However the drop didn’t materialise and the price actually started to pump instead; gaining 11% and pushing it back towards £13k. The breakout by the bulls was seen as a significant move, prompting bold price predictions  both for this cycle, and the next few years. Some felt that new all-time highs were…

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From Wikipedia to Everipedia, along with blockchain — interview with Larry Sanger. Intellectual of the innovative industry, innovator of the concept of intellectuality, experimentator with technologies and educator by dedication, before co-founding Wikipedia in 2001, Larry Sanger studied and taught philosophy, being interested especially in epistemology — i.e., the science of knowledge.  It was in college that he started thinking of the internet as a potential way of decentralizing knowledge. His early project in this regard was a web forum for discussions between tutors and students, who could thus communicate outside the usual academic environment. Sanger explained: “The thing that drives me forward is all of the possibilities that the internet makes possible for organizing people to create a new knowledge resources. Just think of how the Oxford English Dictionary was createdL When I read “The Professor and the Mad Man,” I was surprised at how similar it seemed to…

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Brazil has been embracing Blockchain technology recently and has taken another step in that direction. They have launched Online Bid Solution (SOL) which is a blockchain based platform to track the process of public bidding on government contracts. The system was developed by a firm named Cayenne Technology and Design, and the application uses the […]

Researcher from RMIT explains why startups will fail to fulfil their promises to disrupt real estate with blockchain. Why have blockchain pilots in real estate abated somewhat? Those projects bump up against the fundamental inconsistency of blockchain and existing state system, and it seems they cannot confessed to this. First, there is no such thing as the use of blockchain for real estate. There are plenty of different concepts and ideas, and as you will find below, some of them are useless. And when you consider probably the most ultimate idea — i.e., a title token — you understand that none of the existing projects could offer a complex solution to address issues with inheritance, lost private keys, co-ownership, delegation of rights and a bunch of legal issues that arise from blockchain immutability. The only scenario you can find is permissioned decentralized ledger technology (DLT), which is just yet another…

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A state in Brazil created a blockchain app to track public bidding process on government contracts.

The Brazilian state of Bahia announced an agriculturally-focused blockchain app, designed to make bidding for government contracts transparent. In Brazil, the state of Bahia has launched a blockchain application to track the process of public bidding on government contracts, according to a report by Cointelegraph Brazil on July 12. The blockchain-based solution, called Online Bid Solution (SOL) was reportedly developed by Cayenne Technology and Design. Bids will reportedly be completely transparent and secure due with the application of blockchain tech. According to Bahia government, the intended beneficiaries of SOL appear to be the Brazilian agriculture industry. The solution is designed to help connect agriculture organizations in Bahia with suppliers and workers throughout Brazil, as well as provide transparency on the contract bidding process.The state of Bahia said that there are over 1,000 organizations projected to use SOL: “The application, already available in the Play Store and the Apple Store, will…

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Bloomberg reports confirm the coffee industry in Brazil is embracing the new technologies as Minasul, one of the leading cooperatives for coffee farmers adopts blockchain technology and announces the launch of a digital coin in the next month. Blockchain technology and cryptocurrencies are set to be integrated to your morning’s favorite drink – coffee. Not […]

While their research and development will have taken around 12 years and cost around $2.6 billion, medicines that cure or help manage pain and suffering often do not have a very comfortable journey as they become available to patients. The ‘factory-to-pharmacy’ supply chain is old, often broken and ripe for disruption. The pharmaceutical industry has been one of the best-performing industries of the past decades with companies excelling in many disciplines (research and development, manufacturing, sales and marketing) while maintaining the highest safety and quality standards. Continue reading Can Blockchain Applications Disrupt The Broken Pharmaceutical Supply Chain? at Smartereum.

According to a press release issued by the folks over at Grand View Research recently, blockchain-based operational platforms are driving market growth within the global TMS sector. To be a bit more specific, the aforementioned media release states that the Transportation Management System (TMS) sector is currently growing at a rapid pace thanks to the […]

Facebook has taken center stage yet again. A month after the announcement of Libra, Facebook’s “GlobalCoin” is trending yet again. With the Federal Reserve Chair Jerome Powell raising concerns about Libra with respect to money laundering, privacy, and financial stability, and even the United States President himself calling for Facebook to “seek a new Banking […] The post People have got it all wrong, Libra IS NOT a centralized ‘FB Coin,’ says Facebook’s Blockchain Lead appeared first on AMBCrypto.

The United States Senate committee of commerce, science and transportation approved the Blockchain Promotion Act this week. The United States Senate committee of commerce, science and transportation approved the Blockchain Promotion Act on Tuesday, tech news outlet CNET reports on July 11. The bill, published by the outlet, moves the U.S. closer to a blockchain definition at the federal level and establishes a blockchain working group within the Department of Commerce. Members of the working group should be representatives of federal agencies that could use blockchain and non-governmental stakeholders. Non-governmental participants will include information and communication technology manufacturers, suppliers, software providers, service providers, vendors, and experts. Within one year from its establishment, the working group should submit to Congress a report recommending a definition of blockchain. Furthermore, the report should also recommend research to be conducted on Distributed Ledger Technology’s (DLT) impact on electromagnetic spectrum policy, other potential applications, and…

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The Symphony of Blockchains team at IOHK has released an update to the project — Symphony 2.0 which shows a 3D representation of the Bitcoin blockchain. View the Bitcoin Blockchain in 3D The team announced the news in a blog post on the Cardano web forum of Monday (July 8, 2019). According to the post, Symphony 2.0 is an attempt to represent the Bitcoin blockchain in a manner that is engaging, stimulating, and entertaining while transforming abstract concepts into tangible sensory information. For the team, apart from creating a visual spectacle, they felt it necessary to utilize sounds like a signature for transaction blocks. Thus, each block in the network has a unique sound. According to the post, the team achieved this unique sound signature through a process called “additive synthesis.” Each transaction has a distinctive sound thus making every block composed of these transactions having its own special “auditory…

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The crypto branch of Fidelity Investments, Fidelity Digital Assets, is ready to grow. The company has been reported to be wanting to hire 10 people to its team of blockchain pros. A new job posting indicates that these positions include leadership roles such as vice president, leading software engineer and director. In case you are […]

IDEO CoLab has started an important partnership with over 20 companies in order to launch a blockchain accelerator startup. IDEO CoLab, which is a subsidiary of IDEO, has found companies such as Fidelity, Amazon, Deloitte, Messari, the Ethereum Foundation and the Stellar Foundation as important partners in this enterprise. The accelerator will be called Startup […]

Props announces that its token has been approved by the SEC, claiming it is the first consumer-facing token to receive the U.S. watchdog’s blessing. Delaware-based blockchain organization Props PBC has released a token approved by the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission under Regulation A+, according to a press release on June 11. According to the company, this is “the first consumer facing crypto token qualified by the SEC” via Reg A+. As previously reported, Reg A+ is an alternative to conducting an IPO that is intended to accommodate startup businesses seeking initial funding. This token has been issued on the Ethereum blockchain. According to the announcement, the Props platform is capable of abstracting a blockchain infrastructure for applications, providing a plug-and-play solution for apps to integrate Props tokens. Props is reportedly is a rewards token that can be used within apps to bolster user engagement, such as within the streaming platforms…

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Hong Kong-based blockchain financial services firm Diginex Ltd. will go public through a reverse merger with investment holding company 8i Enterprises Acquisition Corp. Hong Kong-based blockchain financial services firm Diginex Ltd. is scheduled to go public through a reverse merger with investment holding company 8i Enterprises Acquisition Corp. Subsequently, the firm will be listed on the Nasdaq, Bloomberg reported on July 10. Diginex is reportedly going to close a reverse merger deal with 8i, which will reportedly amount to $276 million including debt. Diginex shareholders will reportedly get 20 million ordinary shares of 8i, valued at $10 per share. According to Diginex’s CEO Richard Byworth the deal is set to ensure “broader market visibility” for the company. As such, Diginex will be “the first fully-diversified blockchain player on Nasdaq,” Byworth added.  Last fall, Diginex joined Global Digital Finance, the industry body driving acceleration and adoption of digital finance, as a…

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The new blockchain accelerator is aiming to boost 12 promising startups this year.

The crypto-focused branch of the major asset manager is looking to grow its team with the addition of 10 new roles across blockchain and trading.

In the latest news, Chinese patrol officers are taking control of tourists’ phones at the Chinese borders and installing a surveillance app. In what comes as a shocker, the border guards are also getting an opportunity to delve into the personal data. The Guardian reveals that the actions of Chinese border agents are a part of increased security measures at Xinjiang region. Getting in the way of freedom? The government is allegedly meddling with freedom of Muslim population by fixing face recognition cameras in public spaces and also forcing them to install the app that searches their phones for critical information. Reportedly, the phones are being returned after being taken to separate rooms to undergo a scanning process. Besides giving the guards access to private information such as e-mails, text messages and social media profiles, the information is also supposedly stored on the server.  The news of unwarranted access to phones…

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A blockchain startup that says it’s working to give energy consumers more choice has raised an undisclosed sum from Shell and Sumitomo Group.