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Waves founder Alexander Ivanov sold his stake in the firm’s blockchain project Vostok, with GHP Group becoming the sole owner. Founder of token issuance platform Waves has fully sold his stake in the firm’s blockchain spin-off Vostok to focus on the Waves Platform. Alexander Ivanov, CEO and founder of Waves, sold his stake in the Vostok, with global financial group GHP Group becoming the sole owner of the project, according to a press release on July 16. Ivanov said that he decided to sell the Vostok project in order to focus the resources on the development of the Web3 ecosystem within the Waves Platform. Mark Garber, Chairman of the Board of Directors of GHP Group and one of the early Vostok investors, said that the existing progress in the project will help GHP Group’s to increase its level of technological expertise.  The well-known entrepreneur in the Russian investment community noted…

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The World Economic Forum announced that it released a guide for the evaluation of the benefits of blockchain applications. The World Economic Forum (WEF) announced that it released a guide for the evaluation of the benefits of blockchain applications in a press release shared with Cointelegraph on July 16. The document delves into how to apply blockchain technology, providing six recommendations for companies. The first is to take time to understand the technology, set realistic expectations (identifying incentives and accounting for risks), and align to strategic priorities. The report also recommends evaluating whether blockchain or other technologies are the best solution specifying that “blockchain is not a substitute for digitization and should not be treated as such.”  Lastly, organizations should keep an agile approach since it better allows for strategy evolution and think beyond the individual organization. This last point is explained in the following way: “The decentralized nature of…

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The platform is estimated to automate around 75 million processes each year and save about 12 million sheets of paper per year. German logistics firms partner to jointly create a blockchain tracking platform, local news outlet Tiroler Tageszeitung reports on July 16. Per the report, logistics firms LKW Walter, GS1 Austria, and its EDITEL Austria subsidiary, Bundesvereinigung Logistik Österreich, Deutsche Bahn subsidiary DB Schenker, and WU Vienna are participating in the project. Furthermore, big four auditing firm Ernst & Young (EY) is managing the initiative. The system will reportedly see freight documents being digitized on the blockchain with the aim of reducing costs and resource consumption while ensuring higher transparency standards, and protect against counterfeiting. The project will be developed with attention to compliance with the international standard for the electronic consignment note, e-CMR. The outlet cites estimates that the platform will automate around 75 million processes each year and…

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U.S. House minority leader Kevin McCarthy has argued for the use of blockchain networks in protecting users’ data from “exploitation.”

Over two-thirds of enterprises in the Asia-Pacific region lack a solid understanding of blockchain tech and how to apply it, a new EY poll reveals. Over two-thirds of enterprises in the Asia-Pacific region lack a solid understanding of blockchain tech and how to apply it, a new Ernst & Young (EY) poll reveals. The Business Times of Singapore reports on July 16 that the Big Four auditor consultancy firm conducted its poll during a live blockchain webcast with 576 attendees from in Asia-Pacific, 13.7% of whom were from Singapore. Noting that 68% — over two-thirds — of polled attendees responded by admitting that they lack the knowledge and sufficient training to implement blockchain and its applications, EY remarked that this lack in education represents the greatest barrier for boards and executives to proceed with adopting blockchain solutions. Furthermore, 66% of respondents voiced their belief that they would need a firmer understanding…

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Brazilian construction giant Cyrela and startup Growth Tech have completed the very first real estate transaction using blockchain technology in Brazil.

Siemens is looking to potentially provide blockchain-based solutions, and has suggested some use cases for the transportation industry, including carsharing. Self-proclaimed electrification, automation and digitalization global giant Siemens has shown an interest in adopting blockchain-based solutions. In particular, Siemens is exploring the use of blockchain in the transportation industry, as per a report by Forbes on July 15. According to Siemens Corporate Technology’s head of cybersecurity and blockchain, Andreas Kind, Siemens is looking to incorporate blockchain tech into carsharing via Siemens Mobility — one of Siemens’ subsidiaries. According to the Enterprise CarShare website, carsharing reportedly refers to using or renting a car for a short period of time. As a popular example, the report cites the rental service Zipcar. One issue with this system, says Kind, is with the associated fueling cards, which allow the car renters to refill on gas. However, using the card is subject to a number…

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South Korean based blockchain project Icon, on July 15 launched its FEE 2.0 platform, that allows Dapp developers pay users’ fee, while also giving them the privilege to stake tokens into the network in order to gradually pay fess in virtual steps. A Whole New Development The new and upgraded Icon Fee 2.0 allows the […]

Patrick Byrne – Future Is Bright For Blockchain In Recent Letter To Shareholders The CEO of the internationally known company OverStock – Patrick Byrne – has published his recent letter to shareholders to shed some initial light on the kind of optimistic years that the company, and blockchain, ultimately have coming up soon. “Recent announcements […]

While the crypto industry is growing at a fast pace, it is certainly not an equal industry as certain players have taken up a large section of the market share while others do not have quite as much prominence. This shows in various aspects of the industry from crypto exchanges which are dominated by some […]

UOS is the token that empowers the whole Ultra ecosystem and shares revenues efficiently and fairly across developers, influencers and players. All purchases of games, virtual items and services within the ecosystem requires the use of UOS tokens. This includes features such as loyalty programs, advertisements, trading of digital goods and so on. All transactions are […] The post Ultra Uses Blockchain Technology to Create a First-Class Computer Game Distribution Platform appeared first on CCN Markets

This article by Juan Delacruz first appeared in IBM’s blockchain blog: Blockchain Pulse How frequently do constituents experience frustration when providing information to governments? “I have to call a different department to make the same changes you just made?” “Why have I been on hold for 30 minutes to provide the same information you already have?” “This is so inefficient!” Governments are under pressure to improve the user experience for all their stakeholders —the public, businesses and employees. Continue reading Government registries with blockchain, for efficiency and trust at Smartereum.

Tech giant Samsung Electronics is joining six other major South Korean firms to develop a blockchain-based certificate and ID authentication network.

South Korea’s leading credit card firm Shinhan Card has been granted a patent for a blockchain payments system. South Korea’s leading credit card firm Shinhan Card has been granted a patent for a blockchain payments system, English-language local media The Korea Times reports on July 15. Per the report, with the newly patented technology the company has established a blockchain-powered credit transaction process allowing for setting spending limits, paying in monthly installments and carrying out payments. The outlet quotes an anonymous Shinhan Card official commenting on the development: “Services using those key functions of credit cards will be extended to the blockchain-based system, a notable advancement from the status quo whereby most blockchain-based services available are limited to cash wiring or user identification for online transactions.” The official also reportedly explained that the company has been awarded the patent about a year and a half after conducting a feasibility study,…

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Shinhan Card has been granted a patent for a blockchain payment system that could reportedly do away with physical credit cards.

The concept of web frameworks was the single most influential technology in the advancement of the internet. Web Frameworks reduced the time it took to develop a website and empowered millions of developers to create complex web apps. For example. Ruby on Rails reinvented how web applications get built by giving developers everything they needed to build web apps simply and easily.  Today, some of the most popular websites such as Netflix, Instagram, Twitter, Quora all run on Web Frameworks. ArcBlock, a leading blockchain platform knows how important web frameworks are and has created a similar framework just for the blockchain industry. The new Framework is called the Forge SDK and allows developers to easily create and deploy DApps and custom blockchains. The Forge SDK is a next-generation blockchain application development framework and according to them is the easiest way for developers to create their customized Blockchains and build decentralized…

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Russia, with all its might, is one of the most dominant countries in terms of political presence and bureaucracy. However, its significant status did not resonate economically as Russia only has the 12th largest economy. With the US being the undisputed leader in terms of economics, Russia seems to look forward to challenging the former’s […] The post Will Russia’s cryptocurrency and blockchain agenda catapult the country to new heights? appeared first on AMBCrypto.

Several countries across the world have joined the Bitcoin and cryptocurrency bandwagon, either in full or partial capacity. China, Russia, and Iran have made news in the cryptocurrency industry either due to positive adoption or because of integrating the ingrained technology for their own use cases. One country that followed the latter route was Iran, […] The post In a bid to avoid US sanctions, Iran sought solace in Bitcoin and blockchain? appeared first on AMBCrypto.

A consortium of major South Korean firms partnered to launch a blockchain-based mobile identification system in 2020. A consortium of major South Korean firms partnered to launch a blockchain-based mobile identification system in 2020, English-language local media Korea Times reports on July 14. Per the report, the participants are financial services firms KEB Hana Bank, Woori Bank, KOSCOM, mobile carriers SK Telecom, KT, LG UPlus, and technology behemoth Samsung Electronics. The aim of the partnership is reportedly to develop a self-sovereign identity system that does not require any intermediaries, which would enable individuals and organizations to control their identity information in online transactions. The service aims to allow users to store personal information such as resident registration numbers, bank account numbers, and use them at will. The involved financial services firms are tasked with providing certification services, telecom companies with managing stable mobile services, and Samsung will ensure secure management…

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Tron Foundation are making it a routine to publish weekly reports on the progress in decentralized applications (dApp), technical developments, price state of TRX, partnerships, acquisitions, and user interactions. The practice is keeping the Tron community relaxed as they follow through with the developments of their favorite platform. Recently, Tron Foundation celebrated the first anniversary […]