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Binance Research, the research arm of the world’s largest cryptocurrency exchange recently released a report titled “Case Study: Merged Mining in Dogecoin and Litecoin”, which talked about specific methods for the cryptocurrencies to survive their upcoming block reward halvings. The research primarily focused on the concept of merged mining, a form of mining that transfers […] The post Binance’s research points to similarities between Litecoin and Dogecoin in wake of upcoming halving appeared first on AMBCrypto.

As trading opened today, it was observed that the crypto market started experiencing a recovery.  The Stellar token is reflecting a bullish trend since the day began. The coin eventually opened with a slight drop in price, but it recovered soon enough. In the coming few hours, we can hope to see a healthy change in XLM price via the charts. In the past few days, the price action of Stellar Lumens has been different. Continue reading Stellar(XLM) Commences Recovery as Dogecoin (DOGE) Shocks Traders with Its Intraday Momentum at Smartereum.

Dogecoin (DOGE) first gained attention in crypto when Jackson Palmer, a computer programmer, posted the now infamous Shiba Inu dog with the comment, “Pretty sure it’s the next big thing.” The post went viral and caught the eye of programmer Billy Markus who had been working on his own cryptocurrency. Thinking dogecoin could be more […] The post This Coin Has Bark: Binance’s Listing of Dogecoin Makes Waves appeared first on CCN Markets

The cryptocurrency market has been rife with developments and updates from almost every sector in a bid to ensure the digital asset industry goes mainstream. Binance, the Changpeng Zhao-led cryptocurrency exchange has been making news for quite some time now and the latest research from the organization touched on the latest upgrades within popular cryptocurrencies. […] The post Are there any benefits of Dogecoin ‘merged mining’ in face of upcoming block halving? appeared first on AMBCrypto.

Earlier today Chepicap reported that Binance had finally listed Dogecoin on its platform. As this news spread, the price of DOGE saw a notable spike, at one point touching on $0.005. The price then sharply corrected, but there is some evidence of a bounce forming.

Bitcoin is trading above $11,000 today, but the stock is being shown up by a little know cryptocurrency called Dogecoin. Zack Guzman, Kristin Myers and Erin Sykes, Retail Strategist, discuss on … Read Full Story The post Bitcoin rival Dogecoin surges as it earns Binance listing appeared first on ForexTV.

The price of Dogecoin fluctuates between the levels of $0.002500 and $0.003500. The moving averages are characterized by small body candlesticks like the Doji and the Spinning top. DOGE/USD Medium-term trend: Ranging Resistance Levels: $0.003600, $0.003800, $0.004000 Support levels: $0.003200, $0.003000, $0.002800 Yesterday, July 4, the price of DOGE was in a sideways trend. The […]

For some weeks, Dogecoin, along with several other altcoins have traded sideways and many recorded losses with minor gains. The crypto community worried about the profuse bleeding of the altcoins and many wondered “will Dogecoin ever go up?” Some recent Dogecoin news 2019 have proved that the fun coin may stand a chance in the tough industry. Can Dogecoin price prediction 2019 of $1 still happen? Community Members Requested To Be Listed On Coinbase and Binance Dogecoin has a large community which is closely knit. Continue reading Will Dogecoin Ever Go Up? The Listing Of Binance Shows It Will at Smartereum.

Major cryptocurrency exchange Binance announced that today it will list one of the oldest cryptocurrencies dogecoin. Major cryptocurrency exchange Binance announced that today it will list dogecoin (DOGE) in a post on its website on July 5. Starting at noon UTC today, the following dogecoin pairs will start being traded on the exchange: DOGE/BNB, DOGE/BTC, DOGE/USDT, DOGE/PAX, and DOGE/USDC. Furthermore, users can already deposit their dogecoin on the exchange in preparation for the trading. As of press time, it looks like the coin in question reacted by reporting significant gains. DOGE is up about 31% over the last 24 hours, and most of the gains have been registered in about 30 minutes. Dogecoin one-day chart | Courtesy of Coin360 According to Finder, Dogecoin has started as a joke currency, when Billy Markus from Portland, Oregon, created it and named it after “doge,” a meme representing a dog of the Shiba…

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  Everyone’s favourite internet pup Doge and it’s cryptocurrency counterpart Dogecoin (DOGE) is finally going to be listed on Binance. After making meme lovers and crypto enthusiasts wait for years, Binance finally made the announcement earlier today, confirming the addition of DOGE trading pairs. #Binance Will Dogecoin ( $DOGE) — Binance (@binance) July 5, […] The post Dogecoin Popularity Earns Binance Listing as Price Skyrockets 37% appeared first on CCN Markets

Dogecoin, the cryptocurrency conceptualized as a meme and created by Jackson Palmer, took off successfully during the 2017 frenzy. However, it has been revived again recently due to Binance’s latest announcement. DOGE surged and pumped from a mere $0.03015 to $0.0495 in an hour after Binance tweeted, “#Binance Will Dogecoin ( $DOGE)” In a detailed […] The post Dogecoin registers massive one-hour green candle and breaks 262-day high after Binance announcement appeared first on AMBCrypto.

The world’s largest exchange Binance has finally decided to list Dogecoin! After much consideration, Malta-based Binance has listed Dogecoin on its platform. The exchange will be adding DOGE/BNB, DOGE/BTC, DOGE/USDT, DOGE/PAX and DOGE/USDC trading pairs starting today at 12:00 PM (UTC). #Binance Will Dogecoin ( $DOGE) — Binance (@binance) July 5, 2019 Many of the major exchanges have been late to list Dogecoin, it took Binance two years after its launch to list the coin. Coinbase wallet recently added DOGE to its wallet service but has not listed on its exchange platform yet. But most exchanges including Binance list Dogecoin voluntarily without any company paying them unlike most other tokens. DOGE pumps 25% within 20 minutes While Bitcoin dropped more than 6% in the past day, Dogecoin pumped over 25% within 20 minutes of the announcement. At the time of writing, Dogecoin is trading at $0.003994, It was trading…

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The price of the popular dogecoin cryptocurrency is surging after the announcement that it will soon be listed on the Binance exchange.

While there have been continuous plees to list one of the biggest and oldest altcoins in existence, it appears users prayers have been answered finally 

Running a cryptocurrency exchange is a very time-consuming task. Platforms need to cater to as many users as possible, primarily by opening up dozens of trading markets. For Bleutrade one of the smaller altcoin trading platforms, removing dozens of coins is also par for the course.  Removing Dozens of Coins When an altcoin exchange notes some of its pairs are not generating sufficient trading volume, the logical option is to remove them altogether. Bleutrade, which has always been a small player in the altcoin trading world, is now making some very tough decisions which can affect a growing portion of its user base. A total of 55 altcoins, tokens, and assets will be removed from the platform in the next few weeks. This is only to be expected, as it seems a fair few of these projects no longer have active developers either. However, there are some surprising names on…

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Aside from his short-lived stint as the Dogecoin CEO, Elon Musk has also publically stated that the project is one of his favorite cryptocurrencies. Now, Dogecoin has another high-profile fan as US Presidential candidate John McAfee has agreed that Doge is gearing up for a huge price rally. 

Is Doge meeting up to the Dogecoin price prediction 2019? How is Tezos faring? A section of the early followers of Dogecoin (DOGE) have been claiming the digital asset is an ultimate money generator. They are of the view that Dogecoin has been pumping money within 30-week durations. While this notion may have sounded farfetched earlier in the year, currently it might be true. The reason for this is because DOGE price has been surging within a profitable direction. Continue reading Crypto Market Today: Dogecoin (DOGE) Price To Enter Bullish Territory While Tezos (XTZ) Price Falls at Smartereum.

Presently, the crypto’s price is trending horizontally between the levels of $0.002500 and $ 0.003500. Dogecoin is likely to range for few more days but a bullish break and bearish break is imminent. DOGE/USD Medium-term Trend: Ranging Resistance Levels: $0.003200, $0.003400, $0.003600 Support levels: $0.002800, $0.002600, $0.002400 Yesterday, June 20, the price of DOGE was […]

Dogecoin’s performance over the course of the last few weeks is nothing special. Unfortunately, the coin is not able to catch up to the success and growth of its contemporaries in the market. Naturally, nothing serious is expected of a coin that’s not in the top 10, but still, Dogecoin is arguably the most popular crypto outside of that top 10. The first surge happened thanks to BTC price jump in the middle of May, which DOGE followed step by step. Later on, however, as the BTC price was jumping every week, Dogecoin was becoming more and more inconsistent with the follow-ups and today it’s starting to fail even more. BTC jumped from it’s $8000 resistance to $8600 within just a couple of hours between yesterday and today, but DOGE has failed to react yet. Nevertheless, the coin is currently in the devalued stage, meaning that it’s definitely going to…

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The DOGE price fluctuates between the levels of $0.002500 and the $0.003500. The crypto is likely to range for a few more days to come. DOGE/USD Medium-term Trend: Ranging Resistance Levels: $0.003200, $0.003400, $0.003600 Support levels: $0.002800, $0.002600, $0.002400 Yesterday, June 13, the price of DOGE was in a sideways trend. The DOGE market had […]